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1) Do I HAVE to order more than 1 item for international shipping? 

- I'm not going to stop you from ordering just one, but it's strongly recommended you get at least 2 or more items since international shipping is very expensive nowadays and plus a huge hassle, just to make it worthwhile for the both of us.

2) Do you wholesale your releases?

- Yes, we'd be glad to wholesale records that we have. Email floodlightrecords@gmail.com for inquiries.  

3) I messed up and have the wrong shipping address on my order, can you help me? 

- Yes, email floodlightrecords@gmail.com with your invoice # and we'll get it sorted out. Please, please, PLEASE update your PayPal with the current shipping address for our (and every other webstore's) sake. We can't contact every single customer each order to verify addresses.

4) I ordered (______) and got the wrong size/color of the record/stuff got broken in the mail.

- My bad, email floodlightrecords@gmail.com and we can fix that for you. Please send a picture of the damage as well attached to the email. 

5) Where can I listen to all of your music? 
- You can either listen to our discography on Spotify, iTunes, or on our bandcamp* online. 

6) Why are all your bands so great? 

I have a lot of talented friends. 

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Thanks for all of the support. 
- Floodlight Records